Olen undercover - hidden undershirt let's you have buttons open
Olen undercover - hidden undershirt in skin color
Olen undercover - hidden undershirt won't be seen under your dress shirt
Olen undercover - hidden undershirt designed to be perfect undershirt for men
Olen undercover - hidden undershirt measurement guide

Olen undercover - Hidden undershirt for men

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Olen undercover - the best undershirt for men

Olen undercover is a perfect undershirt to wear under your collar shirt or button down shirt. It is a hidden undershirt for men and it won't steal the show.

 This is how we designed it.

Olen undercover undershirt's benefits

- Wearing an undershirt will make your shirt last longer. Deodorant and sweat stains won't reach your dress shirt as easily. In addition to visual harm, also odor won't stick to your dress shirt as easily

- Wearing an undershirt will make the dress shirt look neater by not letting body hair, tattoos or nipples to be seen through the dress shirt.


Olen undercover's features

- Color has been selected so that it is close to many of the skin color tones. Because of this the contrast between your skin and undershirt is small making it hard to see the undershirt through your dress shirt

- Deep v-neck allows you to wear buttons open without undershirt to show up. In addition, the v-neck has been designed so that the edge is thin, making the edge of the undershirt hard to see from underneath

- Material has been selected so that it is cool against your skin. Our fabric blend will absorb moisture from your skin making it very comfortable. The fabric is stretchy and hugs the skin without strangling. Since the shirt is firmly against your skin, it is again hard to see from underneath. 

- Fabric blend has been designed to be extra smooth and comfortable against your skin. In fact, the fabric is so smooth that it was impossible to print the washing instructions on it. 

- The undershirt is designed to be long so that it is easy to tuck in and remains tucked all day

- The undershirt has short sleeves and therefore covers the armpits - the main source of sweat. By having short sleeves, your dress shirt will last longer without stains.

Olen undercover - material 

Olen undercover has been made using Rayon / Spandex blend. This gives shirt a lightweight feel that is cool against the skin. Shirt does not shrink in wash like cotton shirts do. Rayon fiber is able to hold moisture just like cotton. This means that sweat will be held in the undershirt and not to collar shirt right away. This saves you from embarrassment of having sweaty armpits but also keeps you shirt cleaner longer. This again extends your valuable shirts lifetime.

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