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Olen collection - about us:

I decided to make myself the best fitting dress shirt. I made it custom made. The shirt was really nice and fit me perfectly. I just didn't know what to wear or not to wear underneath. If I didn't have undershirt on I was afraid of leaving sweat marks to my custom made dress shirt. If I was wearing my white v-neck t-shirt underneath, it could be seen through my dress shirt. 

I did my research, compared different designs at the end I had a nice deep v-neck dress shirt that was hard to see from underneath. 

Before a Christmas when brushing my teeth in bathroom I started to wonder, if the shirt should be available for everyone to buy as gift to their friends, husbands, boyfriends, brothers or any friend they knew.

I decided to tune up the shirt, make small improvements to make it even better. And that is how Olen undercover was born. 

Olen collection is a collection of carefully designed products for men. I use them daily myself. Since I have high standards on products I buy, I'm confident that you will enjoy my selection as well.

Since I have set myself a goal to perfect my products before releasing them to you, I am always keen to hear your opinion, comment or question, whatever is in your mind. Please, drop me a message.


yours sincerely,

Juuso Lehtonen

founder of Olen collection

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