Undershirt - to wear or not to wear

Purpose of the undershirt

Let's first list why men might wear undershirt under their dress shirts.

1) some men want to wear undershirt to have a warm layer especially in cold climate.

2) some men want to wear undershirt to protect their dress shirt

3) some men want to wear undershirt to keep moisture away from the body.

 White shirt with Olen undercover undershirt

Pros for wearing an undershirt

Just like with many other, wearing an undershirt in some cases is a matter of opinion. If we don't take those into account the reasons pro wearing the undershirt are:

1) if you sweat a lot undershirt will protect your dress shirt

2) hair, tattoos, nipples stay hidden and won't be visible as easily through the dress shirt

3) odor won't come out as easily

4) when having the undershirt between the body and the dress shirt, the dress shirt won't get stains as easily. Deodorant stains are an example of these.

Cons for wearing an undershirt

Again, let's try to be objective and forget the opinions. Here are the most common reasons not to wear an undershirt.

1) undershirt is an extra layer so it might be uncomfortable. 

2) extra layer might be too warm especially in warm climate.

3) undershirt might look stupid when worn under the dress shirt.

Undershirt visible


Keeping these in mind, you might be able to decide on which camp you are standing. Both sides have valid points why to wear or not to wear an undershirt.

When we designed the Olen undercover - a superb undershirt - we tried to mitigate all the reasons why you should not wear it. If you are interested, read more how we designed the Olen undercover.

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