Designing Olen undercover - one of the best undershirts on Earth.

Problem with undershirts

We kept running into people having issues with their undershirts. Either they could be seen through the shirt or it simply was visible at the neck. The other option was that when people were not wearing any undershirt. Then you could see their nipples, their hair or even their sweat.

All this we wanted to get rid of by designing Olen undercover.

Design principles

 We identified four key elements which we wanted to perfect: color, fit, cut and feel.


The color of the undershirt is very important. If the contrast to the skin color is too big, the undershirt might be visible through the shirt. 

Brazilian artist Angelica Dass has tried to identify the most common skin tones that people have.

Human skin colors

For the first Olen undercover shirt, we decided to go with color Pantone 80-6C. In fact, when you strip down the color and only compare the contrast of the Olen undercover and the skin color, you can see that there isn't much difference. It will be hard to spot through the shirt.

Olen undercover - black and white


The better the undershirt fits, more comfortable it is and also less likely it will be seen through your shirt.

We chose as material the kind of blend that hugs nicely the body but won't squeeze you. This will make the undershirt stay nicely against your skin and again will be harder see through the shirt.


One of the most common reasons the undershirt is visible, is when people wear buttons unbuttoned and the undershirt peeks out. We avoided this by making the undershirt's v-neck extra deep. This will allow you to wear collar shirt top most buttons open.

The second detail we wanted to make sure with the undershirt was the length. We wanted the shirt to be so long that it will stay tucked in all day and therefore feel comfortable.


Since it is not only appearance but the shirt also needed to feel nice. We chose rayon / spandex blend that makes the shirt very light, very cool and very comfortable to wear. Unlike cotton undershirts, Olen undercover won't shrink in wash, won't feel as warm. 

Olen undercover perfected!

There you have it! These four key design principles are Incorporated in the product. This will make Olen undercover one of the best undershirts on Earth.

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